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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  October 6, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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be the first talk show host impeached. so -- >> great. >> if he can joke about this and go home afterwards, all the more power to him. >> very serious after the -- >> yeah, we're going to play that. he actually -- >> it really wouldn't matter. >> let me ask willie, if you did something like this, would you be joking about it with your wife watching it? >> no. derman lives in a strange parallel tv universe. he does. he handles a lot of things on tv. it's nothing that you or i or mika could get away with. >> mika prefers to live na that tv parallel universe. >> i look reinvented? >> ooh, look at mika. >> you interviewed the effron
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sisters about their play. >> i did. >> also laura bush, who i talked to a couple -- there she is. i talked to a couple people at the event who said she could not have been less forthcoming. she told absolutely nothing about nothing. >> well now, be nice. no, she actually was very lovely and i think she gave people a glimpse of some of the things she had to balance inside the white house that were really tough. she talked about the days after 9/11 and what it was like living with that. there were other women, like the effron sisters and a lot of the speaking there who really, really had a lot to give to this great crowd of women who were there to look for a way to redirect their lives, ideas and exchange information. it was a great day. >> yeah, it was great. >> that was just a part of it. >> that was just a part of it. >> i don't know why you want to focus on that. you're looking for the friction.
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>> i'm not looking for the friction. >> yes, you are. it was just nice. >> what did she have to say, if anything, about leaving the pressure cooker of the white house? >> she said it was all fine, it was easy to make the transition. >> couldn't wait to get out of washington in other words? >> something like that, i guess. nancy brinker, there were some very, very impressive speakers yesterday. it was fun to do, and i thank you for having me. >> we have a big day today. not as big as your -- >> shut up. >> reinvention convention. >> tough words for the usoc. >> yes, he does, which isn't like him. >> his wife was there yesterday and we had a lovely talk. >> that's great. >> uh-huh. >> of course you did. also, jon corzine. >> that will be good. >> is he going to stay or is he going to go? >> i don't know. >> closing the gap there. >> decisions and news about
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afghanistan as well. why don't i get to afghanistan? >> obama is angry with general mccrystal, i hear. >> we'll see exactly. i do think perhaps defense secretary robert gates made a good point. that's where we're going to start, the news. time for a look at today's top stories. congressional leader also join president obama at the white house for a briefing on the u.s.-led war in afghanistan, it follows the meeting last week with top cabinet officials weighing the commander's request for up to 40,000 additional u.s. forces. despite hesitation from the white house, the administration insists it will not abandon the effort. >> part of the conversation involved was leaving afghanistan. that's not something that's ever been entertained despite the fact that people still get asked what happens if we leave afghanistan? that's not a decision that's on the table to make. i don't think we have the option to leave. i think that's quite clear.
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>> defense secretary robert gates is also weighing in, suggesting the military's calls for more u.s. troops should be made to the president and not to the public. >> with violence levels up some 60% from last year, i believe the decisions that the president will make for the next stage of the afghanistan campaign will be among the most important of his presidency. and in this process, it is imperative that all of us taking part in these deliberations, civilians and military alike, provide our best advice to the president candidly, but privately. >> nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim mickuloklasze is live in afghanistan. >> reporter: trying to respond
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to what appears to be a pretty strong attack on general mccrystal and his public stateme statements lately and the assessment he gave of situation in afghanistan, be which put the white house on notice that said look if we don't get the number of troops in here that he's prepared to ask, then it's quite likely that the mission here in afghanistan will fail. sources are saying here that the rift between the president and general mccrystal are being overplayed. we did get some indication of what happened in that meeting last week between obama and general mccrystal in copenhagen. we are told by sources that the president did not necessarily take mccrystal to the wood shed, but told him, look, you know, you're not going to be blamed for giving me exactly what i ask for, and that is a blunt assessment of the situation in afghanistan. but as we understand this conversation, obama also made it
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perfectly clear that general mccrystal that, quote, he would not be rushed to judgment. so, i guess you could call that a slight back of the hand from the president. it wasn't exactly a wrestling match. according to sources, it was a very serious mono-i-mono conversation. if you have people like secretary gates and even national security adviser jim jones offering some somewhat shaded criticism of mccrystal's outspokenness lately, i guess they're doing the dirty work for the president. >> jim scarborough here. the "60 minutes" piece on general mccrystal where he criticized robert gates for
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dragging his feet in front of a large group while the cameras were rolling, basically saying gates has got to get moving. i've got to say, inside the washington bureaucratic game there are few people i would decide to pick a fight on less than robert gates. is mccrystal out of control as far as his public statements go? >> reporter: well, you know, it is somewhat surprising to hear general mccrystal making these kind of statements, joe. as you know, most of his career he has been tied up with special operations forces, credited with dismantling iraq and killing iraqi -- or al qaeda leader in iraq, abu musab al zaqari. so even though we knew mccrystal for some time, we were somewhat surprised by his outspokenness.
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again it is the kind of message the president says he wants to hear. i don't think, obviously, he wanted to hear it in such a public manner. >> jim miklaszewski live in afghanistan. thank you very much. >> it is very important, mike, that you have security of the military. i disagreed with what bill clinton did, but i did not want to hear generals say that publicly. you take them up the chain of command. that's how things work. >> prior to the invasion of iraq, when there's been so much criticism, general peter pace, the hierarchy in the pentagon, they said nothing. they didn't stand up to the president. they didn't stand up to secretary rumsfeld. they just let these plans, clearly inept, go forward, catastrophic first two or three years in iraq.
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i'm wondering now whether generals like mccrystal and others are saying we're not going to do that again. we're going to speak up. >> it could be. the thing is, again, if you have to testify before congress when they ask you a specific question, tell the truth. but leaking troop levels to the press just doesn't seem like the proper way to do it. i'm not saying generals should sit there and bite their tongues. i think they should be very honest to the press and be tough. but, again, i don't like the idea of leaking it to the washington press. >> i'm not surprised he's asking for additional troops given the status and challenges there. in other new nous, david letterman is picking up where he left off last week, tiptoeing through the mine field of his own sex scandal. the late night host cracked jokes before addressing the impact on his family. lynn zimmerman reports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. last week, david letterman said
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he wasn't going to talk about this subject anymore. unfortunately for him, he's the host of a talk show and this is the subject people are talking about. >> did your weekend just fly by? >> reporter: using comedy to talk about the fallout of the plot and the fact that he had sex with staffers then he going to series, apologized to a staffer, include iing -- the na of four former staffers have surfaced, including stephanie birkitt, former personal assistant and girlfriend of robert joel halderman. >> you can't be victimized by criminals. >> reporter: according to the associated press, halderman used excerpts of birkitt's diary while he threatened the talk
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show host. his attorney says he's looking forward to showing in court that letterman had had a history of sexual harassment. >> to think david letterman gave the entire story and there's nothing more to be said is simply wrong. >> reporter: back to last night's show, letterman took a moment to speak about his wife. >> my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. and when something happens like that, if you hurt a person, then it's your responsibility, you try to fix it. >> reporter: in letterman's own words, he has his work cut out for him. glenn zimmerman, outside the ed sullivan theater. >> it's interesting, the platforms he's using of his show to sort of move beyond this, which politically, i guess, makes sense, if you're a strategist. i think he's raising more questions, though. >> whenever someone gets in a sex scandal there's one person they call, willie geist.
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>> get ahead of the story. >> he has done that. >> you've got a platform. use it. whether it was his heart surgery, the stalker, remember the first day back from 9/11 -- i'm not comparing these incidence, but these big moments in his life, he has made his personal life very public throughout his career and that's the form he has always used. >> we had a big debate with the effron sisters and everyone had a different opinion. i still think like "the new york times" reported saturday morning, this raises questions for the company as to sort of do you look into this? do you have an issue on your hands? do you just let it go by? i don't know. >> well, you were talking the effron sisters. i was talking to fred at the gas station when we were changing my oil and i asked fred, are the ratings going to go up? everybody believes they are. >> yeah. he's already riding this little crest right now. >> i mean, let's be honest.
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conan is underperforming. for david letterman, this is the first time in a decade that he has been -- longer than a decade. 15 years maybe, that he has been in first place. and so he has to be thinking the timing of this is just -- but you think the ratings -- everybody says the ratings are going to go up. >> which raises another strange point, calculating helping the ratings. >> if the ratings go up, i guess if you think you might have a corporate issue on your hands, do you just throw it under the rug? >> cbs doesn't care. >> cbs doesn't care? >> read the articles. why would cbs care? >> i'm sure they would do the right thing. let check on the weather right now from elita loresca
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from knbc in los angeles. >> showers and thunderstorms will continue throughout much of the afternoon, keeping warm temperatures around memphis, 76. 71 in lexington ahead of this storm system. nice fall afternoon. temperature readings today warmer compared to yesterday. in new york, 71, running a couple degrees above affirming, 76 in charleston and a threat of the thunderstorms down around south florida. that's a look at your forecast. back to you. >> i was at a news event. and willie, if i'm downtown, i go straight to the orphanage. you know why? care never sleeps. >> that's right. >> did favre win? >> oh, yes. he was great. >> three touchdowns, highlights coming up. >> serves the packers right. drove him out of town. serves them right. so, he did great? >> he was great. tigers and twins today? >> tigers. >> really? >> it's in minnesota, mike.
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>> i love the tigers. >> first world series i remember was the '68 series. mcclane, 5 years old. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. >> amazing baseball. >> coming up, chairman of sports and olympics, dick ebersol will be here. >> how do you get that name wrong? >> who he says is to blame for chicago's embarrassing olympic loss. we'll talk about that. and governor jon corzine is in a close race for re-election. is his wall street resume hurting his chances? as the gubernatorial race gets nasty. you're watching "morning joe,"
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okay. let's look at the news. first of all, bill clinton says -- no. good news for south carolina governor mark sanford, because he -- >> pretty funny, i'm going to say. i'm not laughing. >> how great is he? >> no. no, no. >> seriously -- >> can't believe you would say that. >> seriously, he should have been doing that like 10, 15 years ago. >> doing what? >> stopping himself from making fun of other people's indiscretions, getting rich off of doing that. >> but he's not alone in that. >> right. >> jim bakker and tammy faye
6:20 am
bakker. >> comedians, they're selling jokes, baby. >> jokes, a license to do whatever you want. unlike at politico. >> mike allen has license to do whatever he wants, just a blank check. can we talk about this virginia race? sheila johnson, one of the founders of b.e.t., something she regrets saying, and she said so. here's what she said. there we go. two weeks ago -- >> we're watching. >> wow! >> we need someone who can really communicate and bob mcdonald can communicate. the other people that i talk to and especially -- all interviewed him. he could not articulate what
6:21 am
needed to be done. so, communication is hugely important. >> mike, what's she doing? did he stutter or something? explain that for us. >> the campaign for the democratic candidate tries to put a good face on this by saying he's not a smooth talker. remember how whenever president bush would have a gaf, they would say he was a plain spoken man. you have this terrible error by a supporter of the republican, bob mcdonald, long-time democrat. it was surprising when she came out for him, but came out and asserted that he was stuttering. for one thing, this is a reminder that cameras are everywhere. she made this remark in a pretty small mcdonald fund-raiser but, of course, it was quickly up on youtube. >> she did release a statement, apologizing. >> she was one of the keynote
6:22 am
speakers yesterday at the reinvention convention. during the q and a when i asked questions, she said about what challenges they faced she said her mouth gets her in trouble once in a while. >> anyplace else not worked up about that story? >> am i alone? >> is that the best you've got? >> that's your a game? >> we'll give sheila johnson a pass. >> i think so. >> down to delaware, mike. let's talk about who is going to fill joe biden's seat, as if anyone could fill his seat. >> nobody can. >> surely not his shoes. big buzz in washington is that mike castle, who was the governor, is well-known moderate republican, will challenge his son, bo biden, state attorney general and who just came back from iraq. if that happens, this will be one of the most watched races. it's the vice president's seat. mike castle is very popular, is ahead in some polls.
6:23 am
i think this will be cast as a sort of past versus future race and it would be very tight. just back from iraq, mr. biden says he's going to take probably a month to decide. so, we won't know right away. but this has quickly become one of the biggest buzz's to find out if this will be a race. if mike castle doesn't run, it goes off the radar screen and is biden's for the taking. >> mike castle would be, really, the perfect selection for a republican to run in delaware. and mike castle, mika, we talked about this before. we've been on the book tour and everything else, going throughout new england and also the northeast. mike castle is the type of republic that people used to elect in the northeast. he's a moderate, fiscalily conservative and i guarantee that mike castle, if he decides
6:24 am
to run, will raise millions and millions of dollars across america from republicans who would rather see people like mike castle be the face of their party than a lot of the loons who have been showing their faces the past several month this is summer. castle, again, if the republican party is to be a national party, then people like mike castle have to -- >> need to be part of the future. >> get elected in the northeast. would he get lebtd in florida? no. george gentleman, no. mississippi, no. but then again most of the people down there wouldn't get elected in delaware. >> overcome the biden name, you think? >> you're absolutely right on one aspect of it. if he runs, he will raise a ton of money from people interested in rebuilding republican party. >> especially in the northeast. but i will tell you also for beau biden, it's awfully tough. kennedys did it. not a lot of people can do it, where they can drop their son or
6:25 am
daughter in and have them -- >> wait. he is the state attorney general and an iraq veteran. that's a pretty good resume to run on. >> yeah, pretty good. >> that's not bad. >> no, that's good. so, what do you think if these two run against each other, is beau biden the favorite? >> it's great for politico and it's great for "morning joe". >> who is the favorite? >> i asked you guys that. >> stop. >> sounds like -- >> am i talking to yoda here? good question that is. mike, come on. who is the favorite? handicap. give us odds. >> beau biden is the favorite, but castle would make it a real race. >> okay. like pulling -- >> 2008 beau biden would have been the favorite. 2010 after two years of what's going on, i think it's mike
6:26 am
castle. >> mike allen, thank you so much, man. coming up -- all right, enough. big headline emerges from the world bank meeting yesterday. estimated world unemployment would likely not peak for another 12 months. what does this mean for the u.s. economy? we'll ask "new york times" business columnist andrew ross sorkin when "morning joe" continues. forbes magazine is reporting because of the bad economy, oprah winfrey lost $400 million last year. oprah winfrey lost $400 million last year. oprah's claiming she didn't lose the $400 million, she just forgot what jacket pocket it's in. a health insurance ceo lives here. this year he'll make $57,000 an hour. another family used to live here
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welcome back to "morning joe." time for a look at today's top stories. this morning's "new york times" is reporting that the white house is increasingly promoting the effectiveness of remote missile strikes against al qaeda targets. according to the times, it could be seen as a way to give the president room to maneuver if he resists the military's call for adding more u.s. forces in afghanistan. >> by the way, we talked about this last week. the suggestion is that these are
6:31 am
surgical strikes that could -- >> yeah. >> there is no such thing as a surgical strike. you kill your taliban or al qaeda suspect and 20 of their closest friends and relatives. >> kind of harkens back to the rums field plan, in a way. leaders are set to discuss the war with president obama later today. a new poll indicates opposition to an overhaul may be easing. when undecided americans are pressed, those who favor reform enjoy a 51% to 41% advantage, up from a 3% lead last month. continuing to roll out the first shipments of vaccines against the h1n1 virus, better known as swine flu, being administered to schools and health centers, depending on the state. medical workers, pregnant women and children get the first doses, they plan to make the vaccine available to anyone who wants them in the coming weeks.
6:32 am
washington post defense secretary robert gates wants war advice kept private days after the top u.s. general in afghanistan stanley mccrystal criticized proposals from some in the white house. >> disarray is seen as obama advisers are asked to keep the process private. >> washington times, allows obama's diplomacy, but abandoning afghanistan would be catastrophic. >> and on the front page of the "new york times," as job losses rise, obama aides act to fix safety net. among the proposals, spur job growth, give employers a tax credit for each new hired. also a quick e-mail talking about how to rough things up around here, like letterman. >> ratings going. >> peter in massachusetts, maybe mike and willie ought to talk about their relationship.
6:33 am
it might boost ratings. >> i have nothing to hide. we've been quite open about it. >> check it out. >> geez, any love is good loving. >> wow. okay. that's uncomfortable. section of the washington post, letterman's latest late-night act, contrition. >> this is stunning. coo nde nast shutting down gourmet, which has been a staple since 1941. >> andrew ross sorkin next on "morning joe." um bill-- why is dick butkus here? i hired him to speak. a lot of fortune 500 companies use him. but-i'm your only employee. we're going to start using fedex to ship globally- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football. i just don't understand...
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andrew ross sorkin is here. how are you? >> i'm holding it together. for the moment. >> yes, sometimes on the front page of the "new york times." >> we'll have that all over. >> andrew? >> yes, sir. >> jobs, we keep losing jobs. >> we're going to continue to lose job zpls for how long? >> we talked about this a little bit before. it is possible that over the next 12 months we continue to lose jobs, even though the president and others have suggested that things will get better. it's possible that the economy looks like it rebounds at the same time that we have this increase in joblessness. so, the real question is not so much what happens immediately. it's almost guaranteed that we're going to have more job losses. it's what happens 12 months from now. if possible, you can have an economic recovery and have that be a sustainable recovery to the extent those job losses continue. if you go look at michigan or somewhere we're up now 17%, 18%? what happens there?
6:38 am
those are the trigger points. >> we have people telling us the recession is over. >> there are technical definitions to what a recession is, and it's arguable that it is. but the double dip series that we're going to have a w, normally you have a v and they come back, the second portion of that could become the w. that would be down the road. in the immediate term -- for some reason, it's hard to fully explain, things do look like they're getting better. inventories for so long during what people are calling the great depression -- the great recession, during that period, inventories had been dissemated. >>y think we're doing well at all. for bernanke to run around and saying we're doing well -- >> you can't point to a sector. >> from' relative basis where the world was about to fall off its axis, we are doing better.
6:39 am
to the confidence game, confidence builds on itself. to the extent you don't have confidence, things get worse. i know you want to be told the truth. i only say it because if you're a politician and you tell the world the sky is falling, trust me, the sky will continue to fall. >> we've been playing this confidence game for the past 45 years, because consumers have driven this economy. >> that's a big part of the problem. >> everybody can go around thinking the world was coming to an end economically and if we were building things in america, exporting them across the world and people were buying those products, it wouldn't matter what we think. i'm going to keep repeating it, because it's the truth. it used to be an economy built on smoke and mirrors, cheap credit. >> agreed. >> cheap money, right, and also private debt. >> right. >> now we are driven by cheap money and public debt. nothing has changed. and a guy at the fed is telling us everything is wonderful.
6:40 am
not one fundamental has changed. >> i agree. >> except public debt has exploded. >> i agree with you 100%. the question -- for the political apparatus, it's the bridge to somewhere or maybe it's the bridge to nowhere. they need to get from where we are today to what you're talking about. we need to be manufacturing products, we need to get back to that. how do you get there and what do you do in the interim? >> which is the take away of 2009. we have done absolutely nothing as a nation, republicans and democrats alike, congress and the president. we have done nothing to move forward from the world we inhabited. >> i agree with you. fundamentals. >> all the things that matter. all the things that will sustain this economy over the next 20, 25 years, we've done nothing except exchange private debt for public debt. it's dangerous. bob herbert wrote about it. >> i agree. it is plausible, had we not done
6:41 am
those things, we could have been in a worse state. >> i understand that argument. all i'm saying is we're doing nothing but treading water right now. we don't need ben bernanke saying, oh, because i've been -- extended $23 trillion credit line, happy days are here again. we're in trouble. >> if the president gets it, and he says this. we seem to be waiting for some mythic mythical rebound to come rolling in, magically equipped with robust job creation, long-term bull market and pair days regained for consumers. it ain't happening. while the data mavens were talking about green shoots in september, employers in the real world were letting another 2863,000 people go. bringing the jobless rate to 98%, the highest in more than a quarter of a century. it will have been higher, but 571,000 people dropped out. they're jbless but not count as
6:42 am
unemployed. >> the stimulus plan was supposed to be that. the problem is for every dollar you put into the stimulus plan -- whereas in china, frankly, where they're effectuating a stimulus plan, this he get a tlar in and they're getting $2, $3 back. >> because it was a political bill. >> because we did it very quickly, which might have been the right thing to do at the time, but we're not necessarily spending the money efficient or investing the type of things we need in terms of manufacturing, putting you us back in a position where we can regain some real footing and fundamentals. >> mike barnicle? >> i have this great fear that there's a whole group of people out there between the ages of, say, 50 and 62 who have lost their jobs. >> data proves this. >> they're not going to get the jobs they had back. >> a lost generation in a very different way. >> and that is going to be huge,
6:43 am
huge problem, issue to deal with. >> i think that's a really good point. i read an article recently that the number of those people unemployed -- this is a cheap shot, i think. george will, olympic ego trip. this is about the chicago loss. both obamas gave heartfelt speeches about themselves, although the working of the committee's mind is murky, it could reamy have rejected chicago's bid for the 2016 games on aesthetic grounds, unless narcissism has suddenly become an olympic sport. in the 41 sentences of her remarks, michelle obama used some form of the personal pronouns i or me 44 times. her husband was, comparatively, a shrink violet, using those pronounce only 26 times in 48 sentences. still, 79 times in 89 sentences conveyed the message that somehow their fascinating selves were what made or should have made chicago's case compelling.
6:44 am
i think it was great they put thesz out there. sometimes you fail in public. >> i think so too, but stylistically, this point was brought up last week, and i must say i've never seen a president on the national stage or international stage talk more about himself than this president. this is, after all, the guy that said -- after he was elected, the world was going to -- >> hold on. you look through other speeches. these are people that are very enamored with their story. >> that may be. chicago did not lose the olympics because of their stylistic approach. >> i'm not saying that. i'm just thinking of things that howard fineman and george will and other people -- >> and coupled with that, this is a president who gets out in the media, whether you like it or not, more than any other president. he's out there more. >> you don't have to act like
6:45 am
you're the center of the universe. >> there was one great headline about this. when he went to copenhagen and the plane landed -- i forget what paper it was in but it was the ego has landed. >> rush limbaugh said that too. >> is that what it was? >> by the way, if you would like a series of clips where he says things that are embarrassingly self consumed, i think we could probably whip that up in five minutes. would you like that? >> yes, i would. brett favre takes on his former team, green bay packers. sports is next. also tom delay's gutsy performance on ""dancing with the stars." >> guts sni. >> very gutsy. >> willie's news you can't use is up next. i love jergens.
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brett favre was the packers quarterback for 16 years. arch rival team for the packers, minnesota vikings. last night, brett favre was the quarterback for the minnesota vikings, playing those packers. he said it's as nervous as he has ever been before a game. how did he do? fred has highlights. good morning, brett favre wouldn't admit it, but you knew he wanted to beat the packers. that's exactly what he did. and the first half was like a heavy weight fight. but the vikings struck first. favre connected with shanko. to put minnesota up 7-0. packers had a punch of a 62-yard score of their own.
6:50 am
rogers scored and hit michael findley, who did the rest. made one defender miss and he was gone. second longest touchdown was tied at 7. favre was getting warmed up in the second quarter, he threw a strike, they were up 21-14 at the break. favre turns 40 on saturday, but the old gun slinger has plenty of zip in his arm, tossed a perfect pass to bernard marion for his third touchdown of the game. favre virtually unstoppable as he stuck into his old team, the vikings won it. and favre becomes the only player in the league to beat all 32 teams. >> i'm here to help this football team win. i wasn't out to prove anything. i know i can play. i wanted to do whatever it takes to win. and fortunately we did. another nfl note, raiders head coach tom cable reportedly on the verge of being arrested. not for his team's performance on the field. you may remember in august cable punched the assistant coach randy hanson and broke his jaw. the team is scrambling to decide who will take over if and when
6:51 am
cable is hauled to jail. it's rumored that al davis is ready to fire him. because of the raiders current level of ineptitude. also the nfl could suspend him for violating the personal conduct policy. meaning cable could face the ultimate trifecta of being arrested, suspended and fired all in one day. last year's college player of the year matt gilroy making a smooth transition into the pros. he made the first nhl goal and the rangers won it 3-2. summer may be over. don't tell that to these folks in south africa. more than 100 people tried to hang ten, in order to break the record for the most surfers riding the same wave. later the number was revised to 103. whatever the number, pretty impressive. just stay out of their way. finally, evidence on why you should never be a tool, no matter what the circumstance. tool race at turner field in atlanta, leading the race until he was hammered. another look, the drill is flattened by the hammer.
6:52 am
if you look carefully you see the saw running by. i don't care how much padding there is. that had to hurt. don't be surprise fd a personal injury lawyer from atlanta gets a phone call pretty quick. ouch. that's it for me. >> wow, that was a big hit by the hammer. also, big baseball game today 5:00 eastern time in minnesota. tigers, twins, one game playoff. winner gets the yankees in the first round of the a.l. division series. news you can't use. we'll also talk about david letterman making some apologies. if you're just waking up, it was quite a night on "the late show." (announcer) romano's macaroni grill has a way to get things cooking..... at home. macaroni grill dinner kits. you get the pasta, special sauces and seasonings. just add your grilled chicken,
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is it time? >> it is, in fact, time for news you can't use. a lot to show you from letterman's show last night. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes at the top of the hour. >> turned serious. >> kind of. kind of is. big night at the ed sullivan theater. let's talk about tom delay. he's on "dancing with the stars." but do you know that he's a warrior? i'll tell you why he's a warrior. >> why? >> he has two bum wheels and still is getting his fanny out there, dancing the samba. >> you mean he's injured? >> he's injured. >> you can't do the samba injured. >> when a man. >> listen to what this man is going through. listen to this.
6:57 am
>> in rehearsal today, my left foot started hurting just like my right foot and i had to stop. >> one, two, three. >> the producers and my doctor have told me to withdraw from the competition, but i want to dance, no matter what. my father drilled in to me as a kid, never, ever give up. it was hard enough dancing with one sore foot. i just don't know if i can do it with two. >> doing this one for daddy. it reminds me of the magnum p.i. where he's out, about to drown and he keeps saying, keep swimming, tom. >> i could do it. >> i ain't doing the samba tonight. not tom delay. he got out there and danced his heart out. watch this. ♪ why can't we be friends why can't we be friends ♪
6:58 am
♪ i kind of like to see the president so i can show you how your money's spent ♪ >> okay. did you see what he just did there? he made it rain, threw money out to the crowd. ironic twist there. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he got next year's profile award at the kennedy library. >> impressive. >> eye of the tiger. he did get a 14, lowest score of the night. we hope he can make it another week. warrior at the least. >> it is a show about dancing. it doesn't hurt anyone. >> no. >> heart of a lion. >> it's hideous dancing, but it's dancing. >> i have a story -- >> that was good. that was good news you can't use. >> very latest on jon and kate. >> oh, good. >> kate was on the "today" show yesterday. they had $231,000 in her bank account. she says the guy, jon -- >> what is this? >> jon went in and took 230
6:59 am
grand, leaving her with $1,000. she can't even pay her bills, thank to jon, and he also pulled the show off tlc, doesn't want her kids exposed to this. kate told meredith her children are heartbroken by this. >> what? >> over the weekend i told them we're not filming at this point and actually, times eight, there was wailing and sobbing. they love our crew. they love the interaction. they love the events. and there is nothing harmful about it. they are angry. >> the kids are sobbing and crying because their lives will not be filmed by a reality television crew. >> am i allowed to speak my mind about this? >> good luck with the rest of your lives, youngsters. >> some kind of mama you got the there, and daddy. >> important news to cover. important to give a lot of time to that, spend time interviewing these stupid people who make money off their children on tv. >> awful. >> they are. >> you're talking about america's sweethearts. >> no.
7:00 am
we're talking about america's freaks. sorry. >> wow! that's harsh. >> youtube moment right there. >> it's not even news you can't use. >> wow! >> sorry. >> go to your little convention yesterday, come back all hoyty toyty. >> i'm all reinvented now. >> welcome to "morning joe". >> i wouldn't be attaching it to that, that was a lovely event yesterday. thank you, willie. >> reinvention convention. >> really great. i appreciate being invited. >> effron sisters, laura bush. opening her heart up to america. >> i kept opening up mine and saying these were some of the hardest times in my life. what were yours? it's hard to get -- >> no, she was lovely. >> mika also dumped her purse on the floor. >> they have a play, "love, loss and what i wore," articles of clothing, what they symbolize in
7:01 am
your life. one scene was about the purse. it made sense that i dumped it. >> mike barnicle, willie geist. >> we're here. >> andrew ross sorkin. >> his name is my name too. >> hanging out. how did you come up with three names? whose idea was that? let's give our son three names. >> what? >> oh, three names? >> yeah. three names or one name. >> i was really andrew sorkin and my mother's maiden name -- now you can get my credit card information -- was ross. my grandpa was an intern at the time. at 18 years old i thought i would get one byline one time in my life, and my grandfather asked me to use my middle name, which i never really used, and i did it like that. >> when you were 18? >> when i was 18. >> you had a by line when you were 18? >> i did. i thought it would be a one-shot deal and i figured i might as well go for gold and do the
7:02 am
whole name. >> now you're front page sorkin. >> stuck with all three. >> upsurge of your career in is such a short period of time. >> last summer. >> last summer, exactly. >> today, we have the governor of new jersey coming. >> yes. >> jon corzine. he is in a fight for his life, politically. dick ebersol will be here, talking about the olympics. while everybody was running around saying if the president goes to copenhagen, we're going to get the olympics. no. he's going to explain what he knew that the white house didn't know. andrew ross s rochlt. kin. >> absolutely. letterman will be coming up. why don't i get to the news? time now for a look at the day's top stories. congressional leaders will join president obama at the white house for a briefing on the u.s.-led war in afghanistan. it follows the president's meeting last week with top cabinet and military officials, who are weighing commanders' requests for up to 40,000
7:03 am
additional troops. despite hesitation from the white house, the administration insists it will not abandon the effort. >> no part of the conversation involved leaving afghanistan. that's not something that has ever been entertained despite the fact that people still get asked what happens if we leave afghanistan. that's not a decision that's on the table to make. i don't think we have the option to leave. i think that's quite clear. >> defense secretary robert gates is also weighing in, suggesting the military's calls for more u.s. troops should be made to the president and not to the public. >> violence levels up some 60% from last year, i believe the decisions that the president will make for the next stage of the afghanistan campaign will be among the most important of his presidency. and in this process, it is imperative that all of us, taking part in these
7:04 am
deliberations, civilians and military alike, provide our best advice to the president candidly, but privately. >> mike barnicle, i said last hour i was concerned about people revealing their ideas to the president in such an open way as mccrystal did. you brought up a good point. there are a lot of generals who felt betrayed after iraq. >> yeah. prior to the invasion to iraq, peter pace was chairman to the joint chiefs of staff. several generals remained silent. chairman to the joint chiefs remained silent in the white house. it was a badly flawed war plan so now -- >> a lot of generals saying then what they're saying now, which is you want to fight a war, give us the troops to fight a war and bush and rumsfeld would not give them the troops they wanted south florida and the generals did not speak out publicly and peter pace did not speak out
7:05 am
publicly. now these generals are looking back in the rear view mirror to the war plan and saying we're going to speak up. >> not going to be silent this time. good point. in other news, david letterman is picking up where he left off last week, tiptoeing through the mine field of his own sex scandal. late show host cracked several jokes about the situation before addressing the its impact on his family. >> fall here in new york city. and i spent the whole weekend raking my hate mail. i'll be honest with you, folks. right now i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail. i get into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. things are still pretty bad. there's a possibility that i'll be the first talk show host impeached. so -- but the other thing is my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. and when something happens like that, if you hurt a person, then it's your responsibility, you
7:06 am
try to fix it. and at that point there's only two things that can happen. either you're going to make some progress and get it fixed or you're going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed. let me tell you, folks, i got my work cut out for me. >> what doupg, mika? >> i'll ask andrew ross sorkin. no, don't worry. interesting corporate questions, i think. >> right. >> are sponsors going to leave? i don't know. ooum not so sure. i mean, it really depends on whether you think he he's handling it correctly. some of it is a laugh and some of it is serious and he's trying to straddle both lines. >> i guess i more meant in terms of running a business. what do you do now when you have something like this happen within your business? >> within the context of cbs, do you keep him in that position? >> he doesn't work for cbs. he owns -- >> worldwide pants, unfortunate monaker for his company.
7:07 am
>> that is unfortunate. >> and rents time from cbs to put the program on. he does not work for cbs. >> that changes the dimension there, i would think. >> in the late-night wars, does david letterman gain, lose, fighting conan and nightline every night? >> this is a rating bonanza for him. >> willie do you agree, long term? >> absolutely, i agree. he's on this upswing. the people who love him will continue to love him. and he'll pick up some new people and people who hate him are watching anyway. >> this is like a hugh grant moment. >> sure, except it's the host. >> with jay leno, really propelled him to whole new heights. >> one of the things we get to the verge of doing and maybe should stop and think about before we do it, we should remember dave letterman is a comedian. he's not a public official. >> good op-ed about that. >> not the president, united
7:08 am
states senator. has he been hypocritical? in retrospect, i'm sure he thinks, yes, i was. >> he says that. he says i'm creepy. >> well, i don't know. masterful the way he has handled it. >> i guess i find that a little annoying. >> david letterman is not just a clown. david letterman has become increasingly political throughout the years, and he's got absolutely no problem attacking politicians. usually conservative politicians. so, it's sort of a jon stewart act where you go, oh, i'm just a clown. you can't -- go you go out to conventions and give speeches on journalists. if you're going to play the clown, play the clown f you're going to play the commentator, play the commentator. if you step into those commentator realms, don't be shocked when people don't treat you like a clown. >> political landscape because of his impact as a political satirist.
7:09 am
>> they see stewart more than letterman that way. stewart is oefrtly political, letterman lets it slip in from time to time. i honestly don't think people care when it's an entertainer about their personal flaws. they like what they do and they separate the two well. if i was worried about the personal behavior of keith richards, i wouldn't listen to the rolling stones music. i think people are able to separate those two. >> it doesn't matter that he's hypocritical, made fun of bill clinton for 20 years unmercifully? >> if people perceive him of still being funny and make them laugh, i don't think they're thinking hypocrisy when they hear the jokes. >> good ratings? >> i think so. >> conan just losing viewers. last week was pretty bad, wasn't it? >> dave had a huge week, obama, bill clinton. uncharacteristically big. >> leno's numbers have collapsed, too, haven't they? >> they're down from the first
7:10 am
week. >> they're way off. >> the thing is, he's a funny guy, leno. let be really honest. he needs some of the writers that wrote for "the tonight show." his monologues aren't that funny. those skits they do every night -- i'm being serious. i'm a company guy. a lot of people are company guys by not telling the truth about their company. i'm going to tell the truth that everybody is saying right now, and maybe somebody will actually pass this along to the people that are running jay's show. if they could be a lot more efficient whenever they do those skits in the mill of the show with the young comedians if they just put up a neon sign and flash "change your channel now." those are not funny skits in the least. >> wow! >> i've yet to meet one person that says oh, boy -- it's not funny at all. >> wow! >> in fact, everybody says every time i see them come on, i change the channel. they are horrific. >> i think they knew this from the beginning. it's really hard to sustain that five nights a week.
7:11 am
"saturday night live" has a tough time once a week. it's hard to be funny that often. >> jay leno is funny if he has his monologue, have a guest, and do a round table. >> maybe they're listening. >> joe's right. four or five-minute clips they use, unheard of comedians just trying to break in, i guess. they're not funny. >> terrific. >> oh, dear. >> people are tuning in to see jay leno. spend money. get the great writers. have your great monologue. everybody will stay there to see a great lenomonologue, then go round table. >> arianna and different people. he's starting to do that. >> okay. coming up -- you have made your point. >> put them out of their misery. new jersey governor jon
7:12 am
corzine in a tough fight in the re-election. why his resume could hurt him with voters. and we'll talk to liz cheney. first a quick check of the weather with knbc meteorologist elita loresco. >> atlanta reporting 15-minute delays there, and fog being reported in the area. forecast for you as you head outside the door, pleasant conditions across the northeast. showers and thunderstorms across the dallas area. all right. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
a new study ranks the best places in the world to live, check this out, afghanistan came in second to last. afghanistan was second to last. yeah. when they heard people in afghanistan said thank god for
7:16 am
newark. >> wait a second. we're going to talk about that punch line with new jersey governor jon corzine in a minute. first, here to talk about general mccrystal, chuck todd, what a game. >> reporter: it was a good one. i went down for it. it was nice to spend the money on the airline ticket and not feel like you threw it away or wasted it. >> that's going out after that virginia tech game, waste money on a plane ticket they came through. >> reporter: they did. i tell you. why do i have a feeling sugar bowl, miami, alabama? i just have this feeling. >> all right. >> reporter: miami, alabama, sugar bowl. it will be a preview of next year's national title game. >> we shall see. maybe if that happens you can
7:17 am
have a bet that whoever loses will shave off their goatee. there's a lot of back and forth on general mccrystal and gates sort of nudging him after mccrystal went after gates on "60 minutes." what's going on there? >> reporter: well, you know, i saw one report that said the president was furious. this president doesn't get furious at anybody, as i think a lot of folks know. i think it's called annoyance that this thing broke open into public. so, you have secretary gates doing -- going public, sort of admonishing everybody, both at the pentagon and not by name but clearly hitting general mccrystal by saying, hey, look. if you were going to have this policy debate you have to try to have as much of it in private. the more it goes public, the more political it becomes. and i think that's what annoys
7:18 am
the white house. and i think it annoys gates. gates doesn't like to -- he of the cia, he's kind of embarrassed how the whole pentagon situation has happened. >> mika, good to add. gates worked for your dad. he's not the type of guy who appreciate leaks. >> no, he doesn't. and i appreciate his point of view. at the same time, americans want to know what the plans are for their soldiers. i think they're tired of losing them and there is a national conversation to be had about how we go forward in afghanistan. >> mike had a great point earlier, chuck, that there are a lot of generals who felt burned. >> right. >> who were arguing for more troops going in to iraq. rumsfeld and bush disarmed them, colin powell was asking for more troops and they denied him in '03 and again in '04.
7:19 am
maybe mccrystals and the generals don't give a damn what the president thinks and they're going to get their pleas for more troops out there. >> one thing we have to remember -- and i think maybe what is upsetting some in the uniform is they made this assessment based on the march strategy, right? based on the strategy president obama talked about in march, which the white house itself acknowledges. what general mccrystal put together was based on what they thought was the situation was in march. now the white house says, hey, wait a minute. we don't have a stable partner in the afghanistan government. and now we have to question how many more troops can you send over there? how much of this fight is going to be confined to afghanistan? or how much of this is going to become this -- more of a global war with al qaeda? that's something, for instance, today the president is going to the national counter terrorism center which for 24 fans is sort of where jack bauer would get his orders. all about -- but it is all about
7:20 am
sort of saying, hey, guys, remember, we're fighting these guys in somalia, yemen, mali, indonesia. not just afghanistan and pakistan. >> chuck is political director. the last time he was here, we asked him about the governor's race. remember what we said about jon coo rzine? he sucks, his candidacy sucks. it was a long, hot summer but i think you should show more respect to the governor. talk really quickly with the governor here listening -- don't talk behind his back this time. it seems like we're starting to see a shift in new jersey and virginia. both may be going back, basically playing the tide a bit more than virginia did in 2008. what's your take on the races right now? >> reporter: the unknown thing about new jersey -- i'll be curious what governor corzine
7:21 am
says. his number hasn't moved a lot. the number that has moved is this independent candidate. and how much does this independent candidate have to get for the governor to win re-election? it's sort of the anti-incumbent vote is being split between the republican and this independent. can this independent stay in double digits? it certainly looks like if he does, then the math is suddenly in the governor's favor. i'm just waiting for the governor to put out -- start raising the name i.d. of the independent candidate, maybe put up an attack ad against him, something like that. in all seriousness, we've seen, as that number goes up. >> it seems like the national republicans are much more focused than the national democrats. the fact that the republican party is outspending the democrat party when the governor of virginia is ahead of the dnc,
7:22 am
not running a great race and this guy is having to be propped up by the national party. you are going to look back and wonder, yes, he has run a great race. mcdonnell has his flaws. seems totally focused on trying to hit mcdonnell on that thesis. nobody knows what he stands for beyond that thesis. >> let me say something really quickly. every republican i've talked to that's running a statewide race, unlike '06 and '08 where they said raising money is trouble. it just opened up the basket. there is such a reaction against what's happened in washington, the business community especially, small business people, that somebody like mcdonnell is getting all the
7:23 am
checks he wants. this will be an interesting year, '09 and that's what's going on around the country. that's what's going on around the country. >> there has been a pattern of us not moving up. you saw the poll numbers that came out this morning. it's the first time we've seen my numbers, went in to 34, bouncing arne at 38, 39. >> you are moving up? >> we are moving up. there's no question that what chuck said was something that gave us analytic pause, if you would, as you look at the race. to talk about the things that matter, and it started, i think, to do some things you've responded to, that people are coming home to the values they
7:24 am
actually work for. >> and i think that is going to, in the end -- we've always talked about this around this table. republicans always say -- new jersey is in our column this ye year. and then new jersey is still in play and then it's let's pack everything up from new jersey and take it quickly to florida as possible. new jersey is going to go democratic, looking more and more republican is virginia. >> an aggressive race on both sides, article in the "new york times" that points out your ties to wall street, goldman sachs ties, maybe helped you get in. now goldman sachs luster has dulled and mr. corzine's greatest asset has now become a liability as he struggles to keep his job in the re-election. >> the premise of that is that
7:25 am
new jersey somehow is an island in an economic storm when, in fact, we have a global problem. we have a national problem. >> we also had a big -- >> 21 out of 23 months we've actually performed better than the national average with regard to employment and foreclosure rates. it's a tough time for people. >> what about goldman sachs, though? what about that wall street connection? >> i think in 2009, last at goldman sachs in 1999. people see some distance. we make the joke, i was in the marine corps for six years. i play the sergeant role. i think people are smart enough to understand that there's a different environment, was a different environment at an earlier time. goldman sachs is one of the ten best companies in the world to work for in 1999. >> governor, a year ago, there was a clear obama factor.
7:26 am
>> yeah. >> in many state elections for the plus side. is there an obama factor this year? >> it's still a plus. >> it's still a plus. >> in new jersey it is? >> a clear, unadulterated plus. the president is still suffering from hangover of bad policies we had for the first eight years of this decade and it's impacting a national economy and it's impacting a global economy. by the way, it's impacting new jersey's economy. >> so, as has your campaign gotten too negative? we look at these 30-second ads in new york and, man, it's one after another, after another. >> comparatives. you know -- >> your opponent is not a bad guy, is he? >> we're working on comparatives. >> is your opponent a bad guy? does he love his country? does he love his mama? >> joe, goodness. >> he's not a bad guy.
7:27 am
>> i could ask the same question, you know. any of the candidates. we have three of them. all of the folks are coming at this because they have a view about how -- what government's role is. i happen to believe government has a positive role in educating our kids, making sure there's health care there and the distribution of income is reasonable. i don't think that's a philosophy of my opponent. >> by the way, we always get flooded with e-mails whenever we have the governor on. why don't we have mr. christie on the air? very simple. he won't come on. we've asked him. we'll ask him again. if you can't handle mike barnicle, you sure as hell can't handle the state of new jersey. >> okay. governor corzine. >> thank you so much for being with us. by the way, we apologize for chuck todd. >> it's awful. >> and the things he said. >> sometimes you get in a little
7:28 am
wrong. letterman apologizes, then turns the joke on himself. when "morning joe" continues. a health insurance ceo lives here.
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7:32 am
first time since admitting to a sex scandal thursday night. peter alexander is live outside the ed sullivan theater in new york. good morning, peter. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. he apologized to his wife and staff but not before making fun of himself. and if you think that's the end of this story, you're certainly wrong. in "the new york times" this morning, the paper is reporting that the lawyer for joe halderman, the man accused in this extort oichlt n plot, has threatened to produce evidence that letterman harassed women on his staff. >> i got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. >> reporter: back in front of the cameras for the first time since his embarrassing office scandal exploded last week, he had himself to thank for all that new material. >> things are still pretty bad. there's a possibility that i'll be the first talk show host impeached.
7:33 am
so -- >> cold, too. i mean, it's chilly out my house, chilly inside my house. >> reporter: on monday night, the late show host, clearly wounded about how the revelations of his sex scandal had on his employees ladened his comedy with contrition. >> it did not occur to me last week when i was discussing having had sex with women that worked on this show that then what would happen is that reporters and newspaper people and radio and tv would start hounding the staff and saying, well, what do you say? are you, and this and that? it was very, very unpleasant. i would like to set the record straight. no, i'm not having sex with these women. those episodes are in the past. my thanks to the staff for, once again, putting up with something stupid i've gotten myself involved in. >> reporter: then letterman
7:34 am
apologized to his wife, former staffer on the show, regina lasko. >> she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. when something happens like that, if you hurt a person, then it's your responsibility, you try to fix it. and at that point there's only two things that can happen. either you're going to make some progress and get it fixed or your going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed. so, let me tell you, folks, i got my work cut out for me. >> reporter: was it a genuine apology or another well-crafted maneuver to get ahead of the story? cbs news producer joe halderman, who prosecutors say was in debt and desperate when he tried to ex-tort $2 million from letterman, isn't speaking. >> he's a master at manipulating audiences. that's what he does for a living. to think david letterman gave the entire story and there's nothing more to be said is simply wrong. >> the defense in this case is trying to muddy the waters
7:35 am
because everyone knows that the defendant and letterman did not get along. what matter sincere one juror thinks to himself or herself, i'm not so sure letterman is the victim. i'm going to aquit this guy, halderman. >> reporter: a personal grudge against halderman who, until recently, was living with stephanie birkitt, one of his assistants and, according to the "new york times," letterman's past lover, who frequently appeared in on-air sketches. halderman copied birkitt's diary, and tried to use it as blackmail. facing 15 years, if convicted, of attempted grand larceny, halderman is out on bail. marel marko wrote dave promised
7:36 am
me many times i was the only woman he would ever cheat on. >> let's look at "the new york times." bill clinton said -- no. >> reporter: couple of difficulties with some of that as well you saw through the course of that piece. newest information for you this morning, willie, new york post is quoting sources saying that joe halderman exploded when he read in birkitt's diary she had been carrying on an affair with letterman even at a time she told halderman that relationship was platonic. he said this is just phase one of the scandal. he said phase two will happen next week when he goes on oprah and cries. that's usually the way these things go, peter. get stranger by the day. >> peter alexander outside the ed sullivan theater. >> making a joke about how things were chilly inside his house. willie geist, i ask you, would you be doing that?
7:37 am
>> absolutely not. i wouldn't be doing any of this. we're living in a different worl world. >> once you start making an audience squirm. >> i think you start using the audience. let's be real here. using the audience. >> who is rooting against america? gop patriotism, we'll question liz cheney. keep it on morning joe. >> hi, liz. national car rental? that's my choice. because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. repairing damaged hair.
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far left continue to go unanswered, they'll become even more frustrated. let me ask you this. who is more dangerous, tea party moms and violent conservative
7:41 am
m mobs who have been completely peaceful and respectful or some far left progressive, who has already proved themselves to be violent revolutionaries. remember the footage of the g-20 protests? far left extremists are becoming more and more disappointed and dang dangerous at obama's lack of progress, who pose more of a violent threat than the mobs of america. >> tea party moms, like soccer moms? i love it. >> letterman was funnier. >> that's good. >> wow! >> yeah. >> okay. >> you don't have a problem with moms, right? >> what's that? >> no problem with moms. >> can i just say we love moms? >> just want to clear that up. >> we love tea party moms. >> i just don't know what happened. i don't. >> i never do.
7:42 am
>> i'm confused. with us now, specialist in u.s. policy and former principle deputy assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs, lirz cheney. welcome back. >> great to be back south florida we want to talk about the olympics. first let's talk about afghanistan. >> yes. >> mccrystal firing a shot, basically saying we need the troops. is this a response to the generals in 2003 that wanted more troops and didn't feel like they got what they needed in iraq? >> it's important to look at what happened here. general mccrystal was sent out to afghanistan with the president's strategy, counter insurgency strategy. the president decided before march when he sent general mccrystal out. he was giving a speech in london. during the entire speech, he didn't take a position on the policy. at the end of the speech he was asked the question about whether or not an alternative to the president's policy could work, and general mccrystal defended the president's policy.
7:43 am
now, the president seems now to have moved away from the policy, may be moving away from it. i hope he isn't. he seems unclear. general mccrystal is taking an awful lot of heat. i think people need to step back and look at what he actually said. >> i saw mccrystal on "60 minutes," the general and saw him actually chide secretary gates. i don't know if you saw that or not. i sat there and -- again, i like general mccrystal. he seems like the type of guy we need over there but i sat there going, wait, the general is defending secretary of defense. your father, a great secretary of defense -- >> i think it's too strong to say he was criticizing him. i think he has sent in -- >> how would your father respond to that? >> if my father of secretary of defense i don't think we would be in a situation where we made a decision about the strategy and the general comes in and says here is what i need to carry out the strategy. >> same time, liz, you and i
7:44 am
both know that -- >> look at the comparison with the gulf war. >> we're talking about chain of command here. >> that's right. >> there are always generals that always criticize the secretary of defense, regardless of who he is or what the issue is. the question is -- and we're just trying to figure this out here, would your father have sat back quietly if he had had a general in 1990, '91, criticize him on "60 minutes"? >> i don't think that's a fair characterization of what general mccrystal did. during the gulf war when we sent -- we put general schwarzkopf in charge and president bush 41 and my dad said what do you need to win this war? he said i need troops and a list much bigger than people anticipated and they said you've got it. >> what if general schwarzkopf decided that your father was dragging his feet on that item list. >> that's not what general mccrystal did. that's not fair.
7:45 am
>> he said he was dragging his feet. come on. you saw it on "60 minutes". >> he sent in a request for troops to carry out the president's policy. i'm not sure it's ever happened before, frankly, in the history -- at least recent history of the nation at war when we've got a general on the ground who said, here's what i need to win and the secretary of defense and the white house are saying, don't tell us. don't send the request in. it's not clear to me, frankly -- >> happened in 2002, 2003 before the iraq war, saying we need more troops? >> absolutely not. your commanding general and, frampgly, throughout the entire course of the war in iraq, you heard from the president. if my generals tell me we need more troops, we'll send more troops in. when he decided to, he had to convince the chairman and other members of the joint chiefs of staff that that was the right approach. here you have a general put in place to carry out the president's strategy and he's saying, yes, sir. and if you want me to do that effectively, here is what i need. and the white house is saying,
7:46 am
no, no, no, we don't want to hear it. they already had their strategy review. >> is that what they're saying? >> it seems to be. don't give us the numbers. we don't want the numbers. i don't know if the numbers are with secretary gates or with general mccrystal. the news accounts are that they're in the pentagon, but that the national security council is saying, wait, wait, wait. we have to have a talk first. we don't want these numbers. it would be one thing if they hadn't already had a talk and tied on a strategy. time is not on our side at this point. you've seen the reports of the resurgence of the taliban. i think it's very important that people look at the facts here and not just trash general mccrystal. >> what do you think, liz? we have just one meeting about how many troops to send? somebody sends up a troop request, he needs another 150,000 troops, let's have one meeting for an hour about this? >> no. i think the president should be spending more time on it than he has. >> do you know how much time he has spent on it? >> we have had this president
7:47 am
since january he has been in office. >> remember general johnson? just talking about -- >> that's right. i do. and in iraq -- >> what did he do? >> we had a situation -- >> what did general -- >> we're not talking about him. >> he said in the second committee. >> it's terrific if general mccrystal got to sit in front of a senate committee. >> he suggested that the number of troops being sent to iraq were woefully inadequate and two weeks later he was gone. >> the difference was this general, general mccrystal, is implementing the strategy the president has told him to implement. you have a strategy that the president has put in place. not carrying out what the commander in chief had asked for. the commander in chief has asked this general to carry out a strategy and he said, yes, sir. here's what i need. and now he's being trashed for t let's look at what's going on in afghanistan and let's all hope, as i know we all do, that the pr ez and the white house, will make the right decision on this. >> general mccrystal has also said that he thinks it's a good
7:48 am
idea to have these ongoing discussions. >> no question. we should have more of them. the president should have seen him face to face more times than 25 minutes in air force one. maybe we can agree on that. >> i'm not sure that's just what happened. >> actually, general mccrystal also let it be known on "60 minutes" he had not talked to the president in how long? months. >> yeah, once in seven months. >> which, again, that's -- >> 70 days. >> that was not good on the white house's part. really quickly, we've got to go. lightning round, liz cheney. olympics pt were you sad to see america not get the olympics? >> i was. i think it wasn't just an embarrassment for president obama, but america. american prestige is something you have to preserve, you have to hold for really important things. this is a situation in which, frankly, we wasted it. clearly american prestige was diminished by the fact that the president made the trip personally, lobbied personally and we lost so badly. i don't think it's a good thing to see american prestige wasted
7:49 am
and see america embarrassed like that. >> liz cheney, thanks for being with us. when we come back, more time. >> that, i would like to debate. still ahead, questions begin to arise debate. what went wrong? chairman of nbc's olympics, duck embersol. well, do they know this malibu offers an epa estimated 33 mpg highway? they never heard that. which is better than a comparable toyota camry or honda accord? they are stunned. they can't believe it. they need a minute. i had a feeling they would. introducing the 60-day satisfaction guarantee. buy a new chevy and if you don't love it, we'll take it back. there has never been more reasons to look at chevy.
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when you cutthroughall the noise and distractions that are out there, i think what is most telling is that all of the people most supportive of reform are the medical professionals that know the system best, the doctors and nurses of america. >> that's president obama on support for health care reform, but are doctors and nurses on the same page? here is the senate majority leader. and also the author of a new book "a heart to serve the passion to bring help, hope and healing." >> senator, let's begin with you. have you been distressed at the outlines of the health care
7:54 am
reform debate over the past six to nine months? >> yeah, we have huge problems in health care. i say this as a position practicing, and policy maker. we need transformational change. what is going on in the floor today in the senate and the house is not transformational, and it's nothing in terms of the changing behavior in the terms of practicing medicine. >> you say what is happening on the floor today, but it has been happening in the last six to nine months. our ethic, it doesn't seem like anybody is willing to take it on. >> the biggest disappointment to me, having been a majority leader, a very expensive bill went through in 2003, and it's the lack of working across the aisle. we don't have anybody working with each other right now and
7:55 am
that's what bothers me the most. >> how healthy is our health care system compared to other industrialized nations? >> some people in america get the best care in the world, and the problem with our system is there are tens of millions of people outside the door and don't get in. a lot of democrats like us cover everybody and spend half as much as we do. >> what are we doing wrong? this should be something that would bring democrats and republicans together. we are wasting more money and more inefficient in health care? >> taiwan covers everybody and spends less than we do. if taiwan could do it the united states could do it. i know we could because all the other countries do. all the other countries first decided on the goal. we are going to provide health care to everybody that needs it in our country. once you commit to that you can find a way to do that.
7:56 am
we never found a way to commit to that. >> and this is not something that has come out, doctor, if you want a hospital and somebody comes to the hospital and they ask for care, you give them care. everybody gets health care. it's not equal, but everybody gets health care. it's awkward and horrible and we should figure out a way to get everybody health care. >> we have a health care sector but not a health care system. when i do a heart transplant, 52 entities bill for that, with no coordination, but just reimbursement based on pay per service. instead of having a system, which can be designed on out comes and results and not volume
7:57 am
but value-based. >> some people do get great health care in this country, but there are statistics on how we are doing that rank us lower than other countries? >> yeah, among the 23 richest countries, we rate 23rd at the bottom of many areas. we are number one at curing breast cancer, but infant mortality, we are the worse at keeping babies alive. >> let me jump in. people say we spend twice as much, and our out come, we don't live as long, and we need universal and that's a false argument. insurance is probably 15% important, and 40% is behavior, and it's seat belts and obesity and smoking. 30% is genetics.
7:58 am
so to say that universal elt care is bringing people in will make us live longer is false. have you to look at behavior and obesity and prevention and wellness, and that has nothing to do with universal care. >> doctor, you know all the other countries have the lifestyle problems. they smoke more and drink more than we do. >> five years ago they did not smoke more? >> well, they do now. the other countries still cover everything. >> i agree we need to bring them in to eliminate preexisting illness, but to say that's going to make us live longer is just not true. >> we'll leave it there. thank you very much. coming up, our next guest really is dressed up for us. he will talk about the 2016 failed bids. and then the debate over afghanistan. the latest from senator jim webb
7:59 am
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welcome back to "morning joe." it's 8:00 here in new york city, and we begin our trip here in los angeles and then las vegas, home of mike barnicle. mike, we are looking forward to
8:03 am
seeing you in the alcs here in the bronx. and then washington, d.c., good-looking day at the white house. and big day for the president, talking about afghanistan. and then here looking at downtown manhattan. >> willie, are you feeling tight about the yankees? right? is there a part starting to say, just like i used to know before 2004, that every time we get to the fall against the sox we are going to win. is there part of you now saying -- >> we are slightly less arrogant as the yankee fans but we do feel good about the way we have been playing. >> good characterization. we have mr. emersol with us.
8:04 am
it will be interesting to hear from you. but first it's time to talk about today's news. the president had a meeting last week with top cabinet and military officials who are requesting for 40,000 additional u.s. forces. the administration insists it will not abandon the effort. >> part of the conversation involved was leaving afghanistan. that's not something that has ever been entertained just by the fact that people still get asked what happens if we leave afghanistan. that's not a decision on the table to make. i don't think that we have the option to leave. i think that's quite clear. >> defense secretary, robert gates, is also weighing in suggesting the military calls for more u.s. trips should be made to the president and not to the public.
8:05 am
>> with violence levels up 60% from last year, i believe the decisions that the president will make for the next stage of the afghanistan campaign will be among the most important of his presidency, and in the process it's imperative that all of us taking part in these deliberations, civilians and military alike, provide our best advice to the president, candidly, but privately. david letterman is picking up where he leftoff last week, tiptoeing through the scandal of his own sex scandal. he made several jokes about the situation before addressing the impact on his family. >> the other thing is my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. when something happens like that, if you hurt a person it's your responsibility, and you try
8:06 am
to fix it. at that point there is only two things that can happen. either you are going to make progress and get it fixed or you are going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed. let me tell you folks, i have got my work cut out for me. >> okay. in the wake of president obama's trip to copenhagen in the failed olympic bid, the focus turns to the committee. did they do enough? here is dick ebersol. >> let's start with david letterman. people are debating if it's going to help or hurt his ratings. do you think he may be using this for a story to juice his ratings? >> i don't think that was his intent in the beginning, but once they saw the tabloid hunger over the weekend, they decided
8:07 am
to feed it last night. i will be surprised to see if it's over as of last night. i just wonder what is happening in that apartment up over the studio? >> you call it an apartment, and willie and i prefer to call it a layer. if you don't mind, if you know anybody over at nbc, we prefer more windex on the windows. come on. >> i think ge saves in special places. the mirrors are one. >> i guess so willie. let's talk about the olympic committee. you said they need real leaders. >> they do. >> well, the white house was whispering, and others in washington were whispering, the president is going to get this, and what was that? >> poor intelligence.
8:08 am
they are so not wired into the rest of the world. the olympic committee, it's about 110 members. i would say more than half of them are european, and most of them are ex-sports an minute strayeders or ex-athletes, and we have not made an effort to get to know them. i think there have been five leaders in the last six years, and the most recent leadership did not bother to go to switzerland and make a presentation. we did not take anybody because they were too busy to do it. >> there sounds like there is a unique culture here like you might find in the pentagon or on capitol hill. if you don't know that you need culture, you will get blind-sid blind-sided. >> well, the committee takes so
8:09 am
much money off the top, 13% of all of the tv money that we pay in, which in ges case has been $5.5 billion, and they take a percentage of sponsorship money. so they resent the old rule. they asked our group to give back some of the money which would go to sports federations in the rest of the world and they don't do it. >> dick, for years i have been hearing from sports writers that cover the olympics, specifically, like john powers, and our olympic committee is uniquely incompetent, and so why for so long has this opinion of
8:10 am
many that we have an incompetent committee? >> well, we put in what we thought really strong meaningful pilots, but we did not do the picking of the people and we are not in a position to do that. they pick failed executives from other businesses, and people with no experience in that area. it's like television executives, too. >> boy, you suck, we are firing you, and then a year later, you want to do this? >> well, a woman that doesn't have any experience in the field at all, and it pays a million dollars a year. and they look and say the committee gets to pay all the money off the top, and then they have staff that has no experience and then don't have the time to come and integrate
8:11 am
themselves with us, that's absurd. >> chicago never had a chance, did it? >> it appears that they did not. and the part is that sad is they had the best american bid in the 41 years that i have been around that. it was the best bid. and new york, four years ago only got 19 votes, and chicago only getting 18 votes. it talks to the real resentment about how our group rakes money off the top and then does not care to be part of the group. >> first of all, how did the white house not know this? >> i think there was a lot of trust here, mika, of the information that they were getting. the heart-breaking thing is i sat in the room, and the two obamas did a great job. i think the rest of the presentation was too business like, but it was a really strong presentation. i think they were told if they
8:12 am
went it would take them over the top and that was gathered by intelligence by the american committee, and they did not know they were getting straight answers from the rest of the world's resentment. >> half of the people in chicago didn't want the olympics to come there is what i heard. so is that something that we should want? >> well, for emerging nations like china or korea, it's a blank check for them to upgrade the infrastructure of the city. so there are billions spent that don't have anything to do with the olympics, so they put their best foot forward. if you have good, strong
8:13 am
leadership, i think that's what mayor daley wanted to do. i want to share my feelings the way you came out for obama going. he went to support his home city and try to get the games for the united states. and i am 62 years old. eisenhower would go to augusta, national, and play golf for weeks. nobody can question this guy's effort in terms of the working. we may have a difference of opinion for him, but he was doing something that was good for the country. >> he was gone 24 hours. >> overnight, too. >> if you have been on air force one, you can do what you can do in the oval office. it's an office. >> that was the piece that you wrote for the "huffington post." it has gotten a lot of reaction.
8:14 am
it was pat buchanan on the show that said it must be wired if he is going. >> not me. >> there is no way to ever know what these members are going to do. i don't think we read into the intensity of their ill will of the united states. >> first round, though? >> i did not think midway through the morning that they were going to win. i sort of had been there at that point for 36 hours. i reacquainted by self with half of the members that i do know over the 40 years time, and i got the impression that rio was probably going to win. i had no idea they were going to send this message again to the united states. i would not as an american city bid for the summer and winter olympics until the american committee gets back together because they will not stand a chance. >> i think about the beijing
8:15 am
olympics last summer. we started the olympic games, and we were showing pictures of the stadium and the smog and we were laughing, and we were making fun of it. they were yelling in our years, nbc, shut up. nbc! but we sat there and became so blas'e, but the second it starts it's just like you are a kid sitting there with your parents watching the olympics. beijing was magic. what is it about the olympic games that still draws us in? >> i have been asked that a lot, and i feel from the first time that i saw it in the winter of 1968 in france, the winter olympics, that was the first opening ceremony i ever saw. when all the athletes were in the center field toward the end of the opening ceremony, and you see all the youth of the world in one place, you just feel that this is different than something else, and through the years as
8:16 am
we have gotten madder and madder as institutions like the u.n., at least once in every four years we can delut ourselves into thinking that the world may be able to make this all work. that's the first thing that draws us to the olympics each time. the opening ceremonies gets huge ratings. if the american athletes do well, you get caught up in it. the combination of phelps and the young women gymnastics team, people renewed their love with the olympics. it's the only thing in all of american television, it's the only thing that puts mom and dad and kids in front of the television at the same time. and that's why companies like ours pour so much money into them. >> you have lebron james posing for pictures with the kayaker,
8:17 am
and they are all teammates for that one moment. >> and it's increasingly, i think, joe, and dick, over the years, especially the past ten years, we have become so polarized by the media, with the talk shows and maradio and tv, d they look at the opening ceremony and say no, no, no, this is who we really are. >> we hope. it's who we hope we are. >> yeah. thank you, dick, it's nice to see you. >> i read a great article on you last night. my wife went to hear you speak. >> i am glad you had that to say, because there is another article that i will share with you on the break.
8:18 am
>> they are cargo pants. >> you could get abused for wearing those. >> do you want to read an e-- >> no, no, no. senator jim webb when we come back. you are watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. voice-recognizing, text-out-loud-reading, turn-by-turn-direction- giving sync® system the all-new taurus from ford. (beep) (sync® voice) please say a command. read message. (sync® voice) highway 8 closed. update route. (sync® voice) turn right on silver road. (announcer) we speak car. we speak innovation. introducing the all-new taurus from ford. drive one.
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8:21 am
welcome back to"morning joe." congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are here. democratic senator from virginia, and member of the armed services committee,
8:22 am
senator jim webb. thank you for coming on, and good to see you again. >> good morning. >> let's start with the mcchrystal story. do you think he should have backed off and kept his points of view to himself in terms of troops and what the need is there? >> i think that jim mcchrystal's actions have been a little bit confusing, quite frankly. there was a comment earlier about what a different general had done, and he was asked for a view. general mcchrystal has been receiving, i think, some very quiet warnings over the past few days, if you read closely what jim jones said and what the secretary of defense said. he is off on "60 minutes," and here is something very curious to me, at a time when national security people were meeting in the white house, he was off giving a speech in london.
8:23 am
i thought that was pretty odd. he should have been one of two places. he should have been in that meeting sharing his views inside a collaborative process or back in afghanistan running the war. >> well, that's an interesting point. >> senator let's talk about this in case some people are confused regarding kensaki. if people ask a general what do you think about the strategy moving forward in afghanistan, you answer the question and answer it truthfully. you are obligated to answer the question. but if a reporter comes to you and asks you to whisper something off the record, that's clearly out of bounds, isn't it? >> if you are giving an interview in "60 minutes" or off doing a speech in london at a time when a collaborative meet
8:24 am
something going forward -- i want to be clear about the process. i think people need to understand the process as well. we have a national security advisor, jim jones, who undoubtedly has mortal combat time than any general in the military today, and he has been a secretary of defense that has done a fine job now with two administrations. we have a group of people able to sift through all of the information, and at a critical time in our history, he tried to decide whether to move forward in a nation-building posture in afghanistan, or should we do something more directly related to counter terrorism. we are doing this at a moment as general jones said there are fewer than 100 al qaeda people
8:25 am
in afghanistan. we are shifting towards nation building. so general mcchrystal's recommendations are only one piece of the deliberation. i think general mcchrystal needs to be clear that he understands that. >> let me bring mike barnicle into the conversation. i just wonder, the confusing messages the senator talks about here, wouldn't the white house know he is doing a "60 minutes" interview? >> i don't know. i don't know whether the white house knew beforehand about the -- i am sure they knew about the speech in london, but the response came during a q & a session in london. >> he should not have been in london. general jones was in his very careful and deliberative way trying to point this out the other day when he talked about general mcchrystal should be using the chain of commands, and
8:26 am
secretary gates yesterday, when he again addressed the responsibility of people in the process to communicate their views in a responsible way, i think general mcchrystal needs to either -- it's not that people don't want to listen to him, it's that he should be talking to the people that should be listening to him. >> we have the national security advisor in the white house, and a great man of broad experience as you just described, but where does general petraeus fit in in the chain of command as far as general mcchrystal goes? >> he is his commander. general petraeus has been quiet in terms of the mcchrystal's actions, as well. the most important thing for us as a country right now is this deliberative process will set us in motion in terms of how we
8:27 am
approach a situation in afghanistan that has never been done before by any country. we are trying to build the national army and police force up to 40,000 people when the most they have had is 80,000. the largest actual national army has been 80,000. we say we are going to 400,000 at a time when we don't have a viable national government. can we do that? and if we increase the military up to the level we say we are going to, it does have the potential of being counter productive in the way the civilians view us as an occupying force. it's a delicate situation. general mcchrystal got to get inside the tent and make his views known.
8:28 am
>> what is your gut instinct about our role right now in afghanistan because of their government? >> well, actually i had the privilege of serving as a journalists in afghanistan, in '04, i was embedded with the united states military, and i believe that the most important thing that an outside force like ours can do is to kill the bad guys, quite frankly. we are going to have very little control in terms of assisting these local governments in their ability to control what is going on in their villages. the difficulty and the transition and the thing people are working on here is can you either gain the confidence of the local government or grow a national government in the time period where we are doing these other things. that is, i think, what people
8:29 am
like jim jones and secretary gates are seriously looking at right now. >> senator webb, thank you so much. it's good to see you again. take care. coming up next, letterman apologizes and then makes himself a punch line. that's next on "morning joe." passion for them are legendary. but times change and people want better foods. so cargill helped a restaurant chain create a zero trans-fat cooking oil for their fries, that preserved their famous taste. this is how cargill works with customers. a health insurance ceo lives here. this year he'll make $57,000 an hour. another family used to live here before they filed for bankruptcy. 62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical debt. this man is living his dream while this family lives a nightmare. if the insurance companies win, you lose.
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welcome back to "morning
8:33 am
joe." this morning's "new york times" showing the effectiveness of missile strikes against al qa a qaeda. in business news, the wall street journal is reporting that rising unemployment could contribute to the highest level of apartment vacancies since 1986. the nationwide rate of empty rentals is 7.8%. coming up next, the congresswoman jane harmon at our political round table when "morning joe" comes back.
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let's look at the news. first of all, bill clinton said -- no. good news for south carolina governor mark sanford because he --
8:37 am
>> time for the political round table. joining the conversation, democratic congresswoman from california, jane harmon. nice to have you in the studio. >> good to be on the set. >> you just heard jim webb talking about how concerned he was mcchrystal was giving speeches in london and interviews on "60 minutes." >> yeah, i think that subject has been aired enough. he is a right guy for the job, and now comes the hard part which is what are we going to do about afghanistan. my view is that as you have heard me on the show say before, it's the corruption, stupid. if we don't move to try and help fix what everybody perceives is the sham election, and help the people feel they are getting services from their government, military pay is off, and they are not going to buy into what we are doing. we will not have the situation that we had in iraq where the
8:38 am
sunni population thought that fighting al qaeda was the better option. we have folks that want to join the taliban, and we will not succeed by just adding troops. >> what about the 40,000 troop requests? we had generals back before the iraq war saying give us more troops, and we cannot do it without more troops. if we don't give the generals what they want aren't we just setting up ourselves for defeat? >> the more important document is mcchrystal's 65-page memo, which i have read. one thing is we need to train those troops. we can only do that if they want to be trained. one of their troops killed a couple of our guys as they were sleeping, and then the other thing is fix the corruption, stupid, which i strongly believe is the centerpiece here, and
8:39 am
then move the troops. eight of the troops were killed in one day and we could not protect them. and if we do all of those things, those are good moves. our goal is to stop al qaeda around the world. al qaeda is not in afghanistan now, but in pakistan. if we focus on taking out al qaeda in pakistan, where the pakistanis are helping us, and focus on other places that al qaeda is moving, that's the strategy that ought to get the primary goal. interesting news, just off the wire, roman polanski has been denied releast and is in custody pending extradition. >> mike barnicle, you and your hollywood crowd must be shocked. there is a great piece this
8:40 am
weekend talking about how the artists in france live by different standards. we don't do it that way in america? >> yeah, totally absurd. he should be released because he won an academy award, absurd. but what would have happened to roman polanski had he been a catholic priest, he would have been immediately detained and held forever, and because you do what you do, many academy award winners live in your area. what is your thought about this? >> well, the art is good, huh. i understand that the prosecutors, the actual judge is no longer alive. but the prosecutor, both
8:41 am
nationally and in los angeles are rabid about getting the guy and not having two standards. i don't know about the facts, but what i read in the newspapers, which i am not sure are all the facts, are disturbing. why are we moving now is the question? >> well, why it is mike, if you are roman polanski, you get to live in france for 30 years? if you are roman polanski's cameraman, they would have dragged your butt back to jail 30 years ago. the french embrace that. "the times" talked about it, how we don't embrace that. 30 years later, have we got the answer who is the person that okay, enough is enough, we are going to yank him off the red carpets and make him serve his time? >> my understanding, again, was
8:42 am
the l.a. county district attorney. the district attorney's office is the office that moved this. >> i think what started was polanski's attorneys made a move to finally get this thing dropped, and that stirred the pot and woke up the district attorney, beware of what you ask for as a lawyer, because i am one. and then that generated this enormous push back. he did confess to committing a crime. >> health care reform, are we going to get health care reform through the house with a public option? >> i don't know. i think the house will vote to a bill with a robust public option. i will vote for that and favor that. i have my blue dog fiscally responsible for that. i think the public option is a good thing. from what i read i don't think it witness be in the senate bill. the president will have to weigh
8:43 am
in. he is hinting he is for the public option. i surely hope that he is. >> isn't it frustrating that he has not weighed in more? >> he gave a very impressive speech on the house floor, but it was at 30,000 feet. we need to get granular here. everybody wants to know what happens to my health care. this is a real personal conversation. my 27-year-old just got dropped after an operation, so i get what is happening out there. >> thank you so much for joining us at the political round table. coming up, he is set to sing at the yankees playoff game this friday. he will join us in the studio when we come back.
8:44 am
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♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love with us now, the famous voice of "god bless america." great to see you today. >> nice to see you. >> how are you? i am well. you are a doctor. don't you know enough not to go to yankee stadium?
8:48 am
>> it's great to be in the city of action. >> i am surrounded by red sox? >> yeah, it must be difficult. >> let's talk about how did this relationship begin. how did it start? >> i was doing a cabaret in new york. and it was in 2000. and one of the general partners was there, and he was watching the nix plgame, and i had one o glasses of wine, and i wondered what this guy was shouting at. we struck up a conversation and been the out for dinner the next night, and the woman recognized me and said, oh, mr. tynan the singer, and he told him that i
8:49 am
was a fantastic singer, and he said, i heard. and i said, he just asked me to sing at yankee stadium, and he just looked at me. and then i sang the first game. >> were you nervous the first time you sang at yankee stadium? >> oh, yeah, you walk on to the hollow ground and you are always nervous. i have never been known to sing with a delay. there is always a delay in sound for maybe a split second. once you get into it, you disregard it. what was really great was that the crowd started to sing with you, so the more that i did it, the more often i sang, and the more the crowd sang. >> right after september 11th, the first time you sang after september 11th, what was that like? >> moving and heartfelt. you know, america is a
8:50 am
phenomenal country and they are great people, and have you to understand that when such an atrocity is committed, people are torn but they rise up. that's what the fans did. they rose and they cradled each other, and the more they sang the more patriotic they became. it was huge, and there was a point where i did not want to sing because i could hear it like a prayer. >> you were such a part of that. i get chills thinking about it. you had an interesting relationship with george ste steinbriner. the nights you would sing and the yankees would lose, he would say get that guy out of here? >> no, i was lucky. he is a great man. when i first sang there when we beat the red sox, 8-2, he saw me and said anytime, we would love
8:51 am
to have you. >> are you wearing your world series ring noo no, i am wearing my grandfather's ring. >> are we really having this conversation? >> well, i understand presidents have asked you to sing and this has grown out for you? >> yeah, one of the key points in the singing career was at president reagan's funeral. that was huge. you know, it's a great privilege. the one thing i say about the country, it's the greatest country in the world, and if the rest of the world doesn't get it, that's their problem. >> here, here. ronan tynan, good to see you.
8:52 am
>> this is the latest edition. it's released. coming up next, what, if anything, did we learn today? - ( funk music playing ) - let's put a few thousand kilowatts in a vise.
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welcome back to "morning joe." time to talk about what we learned today? >> david letterman is a much, much braver man that i am, cracking jokes about his wife in the mist of this on his show. not sure i would have done that. >> what are you learned? >> no place like america. we are still the greatest country in the world. >> there you go, mike barnicle. >> i will take that. what did i learn?
8:57 am
mr. tynan is a great guy and does not have a first century world series ring? >> but i will. i will. liz cheney, if mike barnicle did not run her off -- the anger there! there was anger. >> are you okay? >> i should have calmed down. >> i was sort of embarrassed. because we don't lose our temper. >> it's an age thing. >> what time is it? >> time for the mornings"mornin meetin meeting". we will look at who is onboard and who is still on the
8:58 am
fence. the two fronts of an began stan. on the ground, second gates admits the taliban has the upper hand, and at the white house obama is holding a key strategy from both sides of the aisle looking to update the plan. the truth about t.a.r.p. were americans misled by the government about the health of bailed out banks. the man in charge of overseeing the bailout is warning it may be in a more dangerous place now. the president being questioned over his czars. plus -- >> don't kid yourself, things are still pretty bad. there is a possibility that i will be the first talk show host impeached. >> david letterman goes back on the air with more jokes about having sex with the staffers, but when the laughing stopped he got serious.
8:59 am
we will tell you what he is worried about. its 9:00 a.m., so pull up a chair and join the morning meeting. the congressional budget says they need more time to crunch numbers, which gives us more time to see where everybody stands on the issues. chuck todd. >> reporter: the president had doctors here yesterday at the white house trying to basically put a better face on those trying to sell health care reform because people trust their doctor, they don't trust insurance companies and they don't trust politicians, but they usually trust their own doctors. take a listen to what the president said. >> when you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, i think what is most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are


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